What's a nukedFridge?!?




So...wondering who we are and what we do?  It's understandable.  

nukedFridge: Sneakers | Streetwear | Accessories (buying/selling limited, hype brands)

With a name like nukedFridge, we'd better be willing to explain ourselves!  So here goes nothing!

Nuking the Fridge is the moment in a movie, where the action or storyline have gone too far, unable to then recover.  The saying comes from criticism of the far-fetched writing/directing that saw Indiana Jones seeking cover from a nuclear explosion...in a refrigertor.

You see, in every movie, you have what is called the "ability to suspend disbelief".  This is the choice the audience member somewhat unconsciously makes in order to enjoy the flick. When a director "nukes the fridge" she may put the hero/heroine in a situation like, say...skateboarding off the blade of a flying helicopter.  And the audience then has to decide...will I allow it? 

nuke the fridge

But in today's world of anything goes and breaking limits, some of the biggest blockbusters have been the altogether unbelievable.  So now what? Do we stay in the confines of mediocrity because someone said they couldn't imagine with us?  Nah...We'd rather just NUKE THE FRIDGE!

We like the imagery of an old, classic refrigerator just getting blasted into the air.  And truthfully, we like throwing out the rules and allowing our senses to guide us.  

So you make movies?

Never say never...but no.  We don't make movies.  We just liked the sound of the name.  We liked the irony of selecting a phrase (nuking the fridge) that was meant as a critique and embracing it as something we're proud of...

what we do is buy/resell limited streetwear and sneakers and accessories (and anything else) from brands we truly feel passionate about.  

nukedFridge: Buy/Sell Sneakers & Streetwear in Aurora, CO

nukedFridge then is the idea that if we do something well, we can do anything we want...

Does that mean we're directionless?  Not at all. 

We have very distinct goals for this project already underway that include buying/reselling sneakers and streetwear we like (Bape, oVo, Kith, Supreme, Nike, Jordan, Palace, FTP, Chinatown Market, Nocta and others).  

nukedFridge has operated HVV in Aurora for almost 8 years!  And it is out of this space that we are beginning this project.

We currently have all our inventory available at this location, though not all is always displayed (it's a small space, yall).  Right now we are truly at our infant stages of this project.  We hope you'll come by, look around and buy something if you want to!  We don't mind window shoppers at all and love talking about all the stuff that we offer...even if you're just looking!

Expanding Goal: MORE Dedicated Space for you to shop at nukedFridge

nukedFridge is, as I said, in its beginning months.  We resold our first product as nukedFridge in January of 2021.  So, even though it's only just really several weeks old, nukedFridge is poised for success in our community and online.

While you can purchase all our available items online, we also already have some space for you to come in and shop through these grails!  High-Voltage is our Aurora shop and we have been in business since 2013.  Currently, we have a TON of items displayed for a fun shopping experience at HVV.  

And while we are super happy and grateful to have this space, it is our goal and our expectation to have a dedicated space for nukedFridge of our own.  Help us make that happen just by sharing our shop with your friends on social media and visiting when you're in the area!

Future Goal: Offer Limited Releases from nukedFridge

In addition to offering limited items from hype brands, we anticipate doing a few small releases of our own in the future. We have been designing in other spaces for YEARS making websites, labels, shirts and a few one-of-a-kind items.  It's a desire to apply those developed skills to a new arena and learn so much more! Be on the lookout for limited drops/collabs/collections in the next months.  

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