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BAPE a Bathing Ape

a Bathing Ape 

Nigo named the brand BAPE  as a reference to his favorite movie, the 1968 cult classic Planet of the Apes.  

According to Nigo, the name "BAPE" is a reference to "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water".  People in Japan usually take baths in water at temperatures above 104 °F. 

So bathing in lukewarm water is to gluttonously overindulge, meaning one has stayed in the bath for so long the water has become cold. It's an ironic insult to the lazy opulence of the youth of the time, who also happened to be the brand's target customers.

Nigo no longer owns the brand (he sold it in 2008 during the financial crisis).

a good (but older) read about bape is here.

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